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LMS Studio is a company owned and operated by local artist Linda Scholly based in Lake Forest. She has created many collections of work including her most recent collection "Wings Unveiled." The branding was built around the elegance and sophistication of Linda's paintings which is reflected in her logo as well as the business cards which showcase a piece of her work. 


Indiana University Dance Marathon is a big organization on campus. One of their committees in the marathon is Morale. Morale's main differentiator is their rainbow shirts. Although this logo was already created I was able to design a digital version of their logo, as well as their Instagram story, covers in order to best capture who they are and display their fun and upbeat committee.

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Fresh Finds was a mock company that was used to focus on branding and marketing. Marketed towards college students it focused on individual meals with minimal ingredients. The marketing was designed to best advertise towards students looking to find easy recipes right in their shopping cart. This branding was picked as the top 5 best brands in the course and moved on to the finals to build a full marketing strategy.


Green Windmill was a mock company that was based on a college report where our team had to launch a new product called Deja Brew. The marketing was focused on displaying a luxury cold brew with environmentally friendly processes. This sleek can provides an example of how their morning and afternoon bottles would be differently displayed and provide hints of green to promote their eco-friendly coffee. 

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