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LMS Studios is a premier online portfolio website designed to showcase the exceptional artistic talent of its creator, Linda Scholly. With a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic, the site is meticulously crafted to reflect the dark and richly textured themes inherented in the artist's work. The site is characterized by its use of serif-type fonts, which lends a timeless elegance to the overall presentation

mediamodifier_image copy.png

The centerpiece of the site is a page dedicated to showcasing the artist's collections, each of which is displayed in a manner that perfectly captures the essence of the artwork. The use of neutral colors and a recurring butterfly background creates a consistent visual motif that perfectly complements the pieces on display.

mediamodifier_image copy 2.png

In addition to showcasing the artist's work, the site also features a fully functional shop where visitors can purchase the art. The shop is intuitively designed and easy to use, making it a seamless experience for visitors to acquire the artist's stunning creations

In short, LMS Studio is able to provide a stunning online gallery for visitors to explore and appreciate the artist's work, as well as a convenient platform for purchasing pieces.


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